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Financing for Energy-Efficient Homes

By purchasing a high-performance home, you have opened the door to additional financing options. Ask your preferred lender about financing for energy-efficient homes.

What is an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM)?

EEMs recognize that energy-efficient homes cost homeowners less to operate on a monthly basis than standard homes because they use less energy. If you chose an energy-efficient home you can afford to spend more on housing expenses. The EEM benefits those buying new, energy-efficient homes or those purchasing existing homes that need energy improvements.

What information does my lender need to demonstrate that my home is energy-efficient?

Mortgage lenders need the rating report generated when the HERS Rater determines the home’s final HERS score. The rating report compares the energy-efficient home against a similar home meeting the minimum energy requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) (often called the “reference home”). The rating report will provide the following data required by the mortgage lender for an EEM:

  • Estimated monthly energy savings
  • Value of the energy-efficient measures - known as the Energy Savings Value.

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